Gedske Ramløv

Visual artist, born in Copenhagen DK – lives and works between Pergola and Bologna, Italy

Studied drawing at The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, and painting at The Studios of Danish artist Karen Højgaard, Copenhagen (1982 - 1987). Studies in Oriental philosophy, Università degli Studi, Urbino IT (2006 - 2007). 

My work stems from a need to investigate how human agency – which is subject to laws of nature even in our age of mechanization and the technoscientific progress – originates from the interaction with the existing, and how this mutual influence, materializing over time, is transliterated through semiosis into a variety of complex ideological systems, social-cultural dynamics and architectural structures.
The research develops mainly through long-term context-specific projects by the collection of data and 'encoding phenomena' into 'images' conceived as conceptual charting of the real, and is characterized by direct action onto spatial geography by 'measuring' and ‘imprinting’ 'intersected' 'facts’ interpreted and elaborated through drawing, collage, photography, writing and at times video.
With the urge that the outcome ultimately could 'yield' to reality as if being 'interchangeable' with it or would ‘leak’ into it…
I have been realizing projects in Italy and abroad, including Romania, Austria, Denmark…