Plant Maps


A configuration of a random set of plants, a tenuous coexistence of beings related in the precise manner of their belonging to a species and thus to a common habitat determined by their position in a climatic zone.
Wild plants of ordinary presence that survive the winter. The same that often appear, stylized, to represent nature, the real one, in the sacred paintings from the late Gothic to the Renaissance.
Captured, condensed, crystallized and immortalized in a moment of the season in which the landscape, waiting for the awakening, is limited to essentials of humble appearance...details prevail.
Traces of plants "fixed" on fabric, sometimes with almost radiographic similarities, as scientific findings; maps of plants created exclusively by the weather, by the beating of the rain and the weight of the snow.
Traces generated by the known, apparent, chaos of the constant elements of the cold season. Ten prints for "studying", as a herbarium "a impressione" (as those realized with a method, that consisted in sprinkling a plant with carbon black, which was then pressed between two sheets, leaving its mark).
"Constellations" of plants that refer to the firmament.

Group show No title
Casabianca, Bologna IT
Curated by Gino Gianuizzi

01-10) Herbarium
Imprint moulds created with the falling rain, carbon and ivory black pigments on cotton fabric (10 x 70 x 50 cm);

11) Installation view.